Amc Stubs is innovative reward program run by AMC Theatres which can help you to get Free movie tickets, drinks, popcorn etc. After registering as AMC Stubs member online, you’ll be given your own online ticket stub collection, which is a part of scrapbook and one part time machine. You can also use cool features like Adding Friends, Saving a Note, Sharing stud related details on Facebook, Send a Stub to a Friend and many more.

50% off - Amc Stubs Promotional Code
Join the membership program and get 50% discount on entire 1 year subscription option.

$10 Free - Amc Stubs Discount Code
Get Free $10 AMC Stubs Reward for every $100 you spend at AMC Theatres. And you can use this free reward point to purchase Tickets, concessions, gift cards and more.


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