If you are user of iPhone or iPad and want to take Print of Coupons from redplum, smartcoupons, coupons.com, mediashare.com and online coupon database then this article will really help you to do same.
After reading Benefits of Coupons you must be thinking that how to print that coupons from your mobile. Yes! I know that you might be aware to print that from your local pc and laptop but most of time when you are in grocery market or in mall or in station or university and find some valuable coupon that is valid few hours then first thing for you to take print of that but at that time you will have your mobile only, So here is the tips to get that coupons in your hand.

How to Print Coupons  from your iPhone or iPad?
  • First of all you need to download the Coupon Apps of mobile from coupons.com and other leading database provider.
  • Now you need to make sure that your iPad or iPhone is connected to local wi-fi and wireless network.
  • Now you need Wireless printed for example "HP Photosmart 5550 Wireless 3 in 1 printer" which can easily detect your iPhone and iPad.
  • Now make sure that Printers Wireless feature is on and computer is connected with that printer.
  • Now when you open coupons.com by using your downloaded app from your iPhone or iPad, They can easily detect the printer and then by simply clicking the "Print Button" you can take print of any of your choice of coupon from any leading grocery stores.
  • At the time of taking print, Please check that you have enough papers and size is set accordingly to avoid multiple prints.
 Below are some of coupons that you might be interested in:-
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  6. Facebook Ad Coupon Codes
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  1. Recently I purchased a new iPad and discovered that I could print from that AND my iPhone. Here’s how: I am giving you some step. You have to follow them.

    1. You must download the coupons.com app
    2. You must also have an HP wireless printer (currently, this is the only brand that supports the coupons.com app)

    I have a Hewlett Packard 3050A Wireless All-in-One Color Photo Printer.

    That is it! The great thing about this is that you can print extra coupons from each device. So I have 2 computers, 2 iPhones and an iPad to print from!