How To Redeem Facebook Ad Coupon Codes
For all those who want to reduce social marketing cost Facebook Ad Coupon Codes are the most effective way you should use.

But mostly for small company or individual who have never tried Facebook ads, It is difficult and complicated process to get into their ad network then Google AdWords to get most out of them. Now a days Facebook is giving their promotional coupons to many bloggers, big site owner and organization but due to lack of knowledge many of them can't use their coupon and its become expired before using it properly. So here is the nice tutorial that I will provide you to avoid any mistake in using all such coupon.

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How to Redeem Facebook Ad Coupon Codes :-

Step 1.) Simply login to your account by visiting link and click on Create Ads tab shown at the right hand side. You can also see at bottom of the page.

Step 2.) Once you create your ads campaigns then next thing is to select proper payment method. Simply click on “Billing” tab and under that you will find the Funding option, When you hit that button then it will show you three different option of funding. From PayPal, Credit Card or Facebook Ad Coupons.

Step 3.) Click on "Facebook Ad Coupon" and it will show you field asking you to enter your unique long alphanumerical number which is provided to you during the promotion timing. [How to Use Coupon Codes]

Once you redeem your promo codes that you ads will be live within few hours of review. Hope you really enjoy this tutorial, So don't forget to like our Facebook page and comment here.


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