Discount Coupons for Hotels
The U.S. is the home country of coupons. Hardly a dealer, an amusement park or a motel that had not been advertised times in some form with discount tickets. Also known museums and other attractions offer some one finds the "buy-one-get-one-free" deal or loss leaders from the restaurants in the area on their websites or on Facebook at discounts, and even on the back of receipts at the grocery store. Legendary 240 billion coupons, according to a study by the University of Mainz in the U.S. annually in circulation, of which at least 4 billion are actually redeemed (source). Sometimes it is troublesome not to lose track and so many supposed "bargain" is not really worthwhile. This is true but usually not on the accommodations to be listed in the "coupon guides" of

Where can you get Coupon Guides?

Coupon Guides are free (!), Thin, roughly A4 great books that lie at the entrance of many fast food places, gas stations, as well as visitor centers. Lately, Denny's was our point # 1 in the U.S. (not because the guides are always there in the hallway because of the food, but ... ;)

Coupon Guides are available online:

Well known were once the green RoomSaver booklets. They have been adopted, and recently include RoomSaver Hotel Discounts and coupons for hotel chain. Online you can browse through the latest editions of the guides on the official website. By registering here or through Facebook, its already Vouchers can print at home. And contrary to what is sometimes common in this country: the application, the download and the coupon are completely free! Anyone that handles about Facebook, should make sure that not all hotel bookings are then available to anyone on the Internet. So I personally would definitely prefer the application via the normal website at this point.

Validity of the coupons:
 The discount coupons from the booklets usually have an expiration date and many do not apply to weekends, holidays or special events such as fairs, etc.
The vast majority of coupons are also valid without reservation on walk-in basis and motels can accept it, but do not. There is a certain quota of "cheap rooms" and if this is already exhausted in the evening, no vouchers will be accepted.

Own experience and tips:

Never once the coupon booklet put on the counter! Sometimes the AAA discount is cheaper (usually 10% to the standard or best available rate) or even the normal Tagesbestpreis! That depends on many motels on the workload and occasionally by the desire & mood of the staff at the front desk. So sometimes are coupons that are only valid Mon-Thurs, also received on weekends or already have accepted long ago expired coupons - and not because they do not realize it, but quite deliberately (to the customer to make a joy or whatever always ... :)). Who normally ask beforehand for a room (and not by chance after a "free room" ... ;)) and then inquired at existing ÖAMTC / ADAC membership of the AAA rate that can not go wrong.

Compare price worth it! Although we have already often the coupon was not enough over the counter, but in other cases also saved a lot of money, sometimes up to 50% of the normal price! There were for example in Portland, the beautiful Comfort Suites also on Memorial Day Weekend for only $ 69 (with a coupon "not valid on weekends or special events") or the Best Western in Downtown Seattle this weekend for $ 79 (with expired, valid on weekdays only coupon) . Even the basic rooms at Ellis Iceland in Las Vegas can be had with coupons often even cheaper. But just for this city, it is advisable to keep just before to just under non-cancellable last minute prices on the internet casino websites out (see, eg, our MGM experience). Certainly not to be despised are the increasingly popular Priceline offers. But since we generally reluctant to pre-book and also like to pick itself, where we spend the night, this variant was not yet the question for us.

Last but not least: Our personal impression may deceive, but the best experience with discount coupons we have made so far in the northwestern United States. There they were actually always accepted without hesitation. In the southwest, the savings were generally not as high as earlier in the north.

Other advantages of the coupon sites:

It does not "bargain hunters" to use coupon booklets. To therein rough overview maps of major regions / places to see in which areas of the city and where access roads or exits to clench the accommodations - a not to be underestimated guidance for people with no navi and possibly only in the evening in a strange new city arrive .


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